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Before A Challenging Conversation

“It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Your Action:

When we have challenging discussions, we can sometimes get off track when people get defensive. We can end up down rabbit holes that are informed by our own past and negative emotions. We need to be sitting firmly in a seat of clarity in order to handle a challenging discussion in a way that will be fair for all parties present. We need to be able to control the spotlight of our attention and stay on track.

Play this video and practice along to help you gain control over the spotlight of your attention.

If there is no video here,

please refresh the page.

How To Prevent:

Make sure you are putting enough deposits in your focus budget. Remember, you have access to non-sleep deep rest videos under the Just Rest tab. Use these throughout the day to put a deposit into your focus budget and set yourself up for success. It’s impossible to have compassion or see something from another’s perspective if your budget is in the red. A tired brain is a biased brain, biased by fear thoughts and old ways of thinking and doing. Challenging these biases is metabolically costly, so you need to prioritize regular deposits if you want to build awareness and clarity so you can do the hard thing, when it's the right thing. Consider going through The Inventory and the Daily Action Plan.

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