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I Am Procrastinating

“You may delay, but time will not.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Your Action:

This may be a sign that you haven’t set yourself up for success. Follow these steps to get back on track:

  1. Put your phone on “do not disturb” or in a drawer.

  2. Turn off all notifications.

  3. Close all tabs on your computer that don’t relate to the work you planned for this time box.

  4. Consider using headphones to muffle external noises.

  5. Give yourself a boost of focused energy by following along to the video posted here.

  6. Use the WrkfloW Protocol regularly. It is built to help you focus and get your work done more efficiently, with more clarity and creativity.

If there is no video here,

please refresh the page.

How To Prevent:

If you haven't yet, go through The Inventory and then create your Daily Action Plan. These tools will significantly decrease your procrastination because if you follow your plan, there will be little time for you to make choices. You will just do it because your wisest self set up that plan. Using these tools along with the WrkfloW Protocol will also help you get your work done faster, which is an incentive in itself. Getting it done is an accomplishment, while procrastination adds anxiety and burden to your life.

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