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I Am Ruminating

“Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere”

-Erma Bombeck

Your Action:

When you are stuck in a spiral, going over and over a past conversation, dwelling on something you wish you would have done differently, or stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts, you need to throw a wrench in that wheel. Ruminating doesn't give you a well-considered solution that comes from discernment, clarity, and wisdom. Ruminating just keeps you on the hamster wheel and may end with rationalization, blame, or feeling powerless.

Go for a Self-Talk Walk* to stop spinning in those thoughts. You could also practice Blowing Off Steam along with this video. It incorporates movement and an intense breath. It will be difficult for you to think about anything else while doing it and you'll feel a visceral sense of releasing unwanted thoughts.

*Learn more about WrkfloW Walks and how to incorporate them into your workday in the Daily Action Plan Guide.

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How To Prevent:

Rumination is more likely to happen when you are tired. Take a look at your sleep rituals and makes some changes if necessary to get plenty of sleep. Also, Master Brain! You will learn practices that when done regularly, will cultivate calm and clarity in your thinking.

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