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I Overslept

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”

-Alan Cohen

Your Action:

Don’t beat yourself up. First, do the Buzzing Bee practice posted here which will help you release frustration and lower your heart rate so you can reset and start your day.

Then, reevaluate your calendar. Try to stick to your schedule, but reduce the scope. Read more about this strategy here (it's tip 3).

If there is no video here,

please refresh the page.

How To Prevent:

Take a look at your sleep rituals and make sure you are getting enough sleep. If you haven't already, do The Inventory and then create your Daily Action Plan. These create a structure for your day that is driven by your values. You will be able to protect your sleep rituals and wake up on time, refreshed.

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