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Someone Calls An *Emergency Meeting*

"One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency."

-Arnold H. Glasow

Your Action:

If it’s not really an emergency, and you feel confident in your position, explain to the person that this can wait, and that they should schedule time with you later during your allotted meeting time boxes.

If it’s actually an emergency, you can do the practice here and then head to the meeting. If you need to be there immediately, you can do a Self-Talk Walk on your way repeating “On Track." Make sure that you stay on track and the meeting doesn’t turn into a time-wasting distraction.

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How To Prevent:

If you haven't yet, go through The Inventory and then create your Daily Action Plan. These tools will help you protect your schedule and communicate that to your co-workers. The ideal situation is for everyone on your team to be using WrkfloW so they understand the importance of boundaries and protected time for focused work.

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