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Someone Interrupted My WrkfloW

"The major problem of life is learning how to handle the costly interruptions."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Your Action:

You can calmly explain that you are in the middle of doing focused work and to please come back at a specified time. Alternatively, they could send a meeting request so you can schedule time in your day to address their topic of discussion.

If they are just there to chat, say that you’re happy to schedule a lunch or meet up after work for a walk. The next time you see them, you can explain why focused work is so important not only for your mental health, performance, and work-life balance, but also for the company’s growth and innovation. They may want to start doing focused work as well.

Try this progressive muscle release practice to help you reset and release tension from the interruption.

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How To Prevent:

If you haven't yet, go through The Inventory and then create your Daily Action Plan. These tools will help you protect your schedule and communicate that to your co-workers. The ideal situation is for everyone on your team to be using WrkfloW so they understand your schedule and boundaries.

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