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TWO WAYS TO USE. Download and print the pdf, then create your schedule by hand. Or, use your Canva account (you can create one for free here: to populate the scheduler electronically.


  1. Make sure you are logged into Canva

  2. Click on the three dots at bottom left corner of Scheduler below

  3. Click SHARE

  4. Click COPY LINK

  5. Paste link into browser

  6. This will open the WrkfloW Scheduler as VIEW ONLY 

  7. Click FILE > MAKE A COPY

  8. Give this copy a NEW NAME

  9. Now you will have a WrkfloW scheduler you can adapt and populate electronically

Included in the WrkfloW Scheduler

  1. Weekly Schedule that starts on the half hour

  2. Weekly Schedule that start on the hour

  3. Routine & Ritual Builder

  4. Idea Convertor

  5. Example Schedule #1

  6. Example Schedule #2

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