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Master Brain

This training gives you the ability to wield your focus and attention with precision. It will hone your brain and unlock your capacity to sit quietly, without stimuli, and choose where you place your focus. To do the type of work that moves the needle, you need the ability to sit quietly, with clarity, and access your own powers of discernment. 

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The Details

Master Brain (aka, brain training) is something you can do for the rest of your life. Your brain needs exercise just like your muscles. Your muscles atrophy if you don’t use them. The same happens to the brain. 

To get the most from this training, start with the first video and do it every morning for a week. Then move onto the second video, and do that every morning for a week. Etc. Etc.


These videos provide foundational brain training that will improve your attention, concentration, and ability to regulate your emotions. They will help you protect your brain from age-related atrophy, and build your self-awareness and resilience. You can think of Master Brain as updating your human operating system so that you can unlock new features that will help you navigate life with more ease and proficiency. 

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